The Rhino Cart Cart all terrain moving cart is officially available! 

Some of the things you show in the videos seem unbelievable. Are they real? 

Yes. Everything you see in the videos is real. The Rhino Cart and a single person performed all the movements you see in our marketing videos. There are no tricks - everyone in the video is a normal person without super powers. As with anything, you get better at navigating with Rhino Cart and conquering different obstacles the more you use it. When moving anything, it is always recommended that you clear a path and get rid of as many obstacles as possible. Just because you can run over a variety of obstacles with Rhino Cart, doesn't mean you should. Safety first!

Does Rhino Cart have a weakness?

Superman has kryptonite - Rhino Cart has soft surfaces. If you attempt to move a load on loose gravel, soft dirt, sand, or mud you will discover Rhino Carts weakness. In our extreme testing we were successfully able to move 2,000lbs on a hard pack dirt driveway. Had the driveway been loose gravel or had the surface been soft from a rain the night before, we would not have had that same success. 

Can I find Rhino Cart in stores?

Yes.  Rhino Carts are sold in several Home Depot location (but not all of them) across the USA. We are in conversations with lots of large retailers across the US and even in other parts of the world. Hopefully Rhino Carts start showing up on shelves near you soon. 

What kind of warranty comes with my Rhino Cart?

Rhino Cart comes with a standard 1 year warranty. If you register your Rhino Cart, we extend the warranty to two years. 

My Rhino Cart Doesn't Have Twist Locks

We are constantly improving Rhino Cart based on customer feedback. In the fall of 2022 we made a major upgrade to the Rhino Cart poles. By listening to our customers and continually testing Rhino Cart in-house, we replaced the legacy twist locks with a friction lock pole design. The friction lock poles slide in and out and stay in place using friction. There is no locking collar or black twist lock needed. This new design makes sizing your Rhino Cart easier and saves you a step while moving. 
Why Doesn't the Packaging Match the Rhino Cart in the Box

We are a small quick moving company. We update our product design and functionality to help customers when we see opportunities. We are unique in that our team of designers and manufacturers sometimes move faster than our box inventory! The short answer is that we printed a large quantity of boxes and a month later upgraded some features on the Rhino Cart. We don't believe in wasting boxes so sometimes custiomers get a legacy box with the latest and greatest Rhino Cart. Rest assured, you have the latest, best version of Rhino Cart. The box may have some legacy images and text but you didn't buy Rhino Cart for the box did you? 
How Much Weight Can Rhino Cart Carry? Why Do I see 1,5000lbs and 2,000lbs?

We are always testing Rhino Cart and trying to make it better. Our engineering team is always tinkering and developing ways to make Rhino Cart stronger. In early 2022, our team confidently increased the load rating from 1,500 to 2,000lbs. We sell Rhino Cart in thousands of locations across the world so updating all the listings and packaging out in circulation doesn't happen overnight. All the Rhino Carts produced since early 2022 are rated to carry 2,000lbs. 


When did Rhino Cart start?

We started testing prototypes in early 2018. After several iterations and countless hours of extreme testing we had a working prototype that delivered the results we were looking for. In the summer of 2019 we started taking pre-orders for the first Rhino Carts. After a countless amount of fine tuning and obsessing over details, the first finished Rhino Carts started shipping in February of 2020. Now, we have pushed into the full scale production process!

Do you have manufacturing experience?

Yes. Rhino Cart is a division of Midwest Innovative Product. Midwest Innovative Product has many years of product development, manufacturing, and marketing. Midwest Innovative Product is also the parent company of Twist and Seal. To date, more than 6 million Twist and Seal outdoor extension cord protection products have been sold across the world. 

How much testing did the Rhino Cart go through?

We've put the Rhino Cart through countless extreme testing situations. Full size refrigerators over 2x4's and up perforated steel ramps, 2,000lbs of concrete on a hard pack dirt driveway, large wood slabs up a ramp into the back of a truck, heavy woodworking machinery weaving through the shop - we didn't hold back. Additionally, our engineering team has rigorously tested load limits, wheel position, force requirements for starting and turning, and variety of other conditions. The Rhino Cart will carry loads and conquer uneven surfaces that would stop other moving carts in their tracks. We are confident the finished Rhino Cart will meet your expectations.