Videos and Tips & Tricks

Rhino Cart is stronger, easier to use, and can be used for more applications than a traditional dolly. To get the most out of your Rhino Cart, we recommend checking out these tips and tricks and videos.



  1. LOADING RHINO CART - When loading your Rhino Cart, make sure to place the item being moved directly on the skates. Do not load weight on the extension poles. If you are moving something that is too narrow to reach both skates, we recommend using a piece of scrap wood to bridge the space between the skates. 
  2. MOVING HEAVY ITEMS - Rhino Cart makes moving heavy and large items easier but it does not defy the laws of physics. To move heavy items keep your center of gravity low  and use proper leverage to initiate movement. Once the object is in motion, it will build momentum and want to keep rolling. 
  3. ROLLING OVER TRANSITIONS - In the Rhino Cart video you see us overcome 2x4s, hoses, gravel and all sorts of transitions. It's all authentic and there were no video tricks involved. To make those transitions possible,  items should be loaded with the bulk of the weight towards the back of the Rhino Cart. Doing so allows the front wheels to be slightly lifted and go up over the transition. Like with anything, practice makes perfect. Overcoming obstacles will get easier as you use your Rhino Cart more. 
  4. STOPPING - Always make sure you have a secure hold on your load and or the Rhino Cart. This is especially important when moving items on hills. If you are moving an item on an incline, please another person to help to avoid injury or damage.  
  5. KNOW YOUR LIMITS AND GET HELP WHEN NEEDED - Rhino Cart can make moving heavy items so easy that you might think you can tackle a job by yourself. When in doubt, ask a friend or neighbor to lend a hand. Even if your buddy is just walking alongside the load while you do most of the work, it's better to have an extra hand just in case vs having a refrigerator getting loose on a decline. 

Practice makes perfect. Just as it is in the sports world, the same applies to using Rhino Cart. The more you get the feel for how to move items, the better you'll get at it. If you ever have questions, comments, pictures or videos please share them with us at


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